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Scale Your Business Without Sacrifice

We deliver customers who are ready to buy, maximizing your conversion rate and return on your investment.

Converting Customer

We identify and send you customers who are ready to buy and you only pay us when they do.


We work in partnership, so you only need invest in our relationship once you have acquired the customer.

Brand Trust

Your brand matters, as does keeping control of placement and use. 


Our patent pending technology allows us to identify and select customers who meet the intent threshold, before pre-qualification and then finally covert them into a customer. We have massive scale so you can grow your business faster.

Powerful Targeting

Traffic flow is meaningless without intent. Our unique targeting and pre qualification systems mean you only get people sent to your business who are ready to become customers.

Huge Scale

We are used to managing big data at huge scale, crunching the data to optimize buying patterns to achieve optimal campaign performance.

Meet the


GLN’s board of directors and advisors have all been recognized as outliers in their respective industries, ranging from Media, Marketing & Advertising Technology, to Finance and Public Market experience.

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