The Megacast Network

Connecting Publishers and Advertisers through robust, programmatic monetization technology solutions


Megacast can handle and monetize all of your inventory, display and video, across all platforms, on all devices.

Access our global demand through our RTB marketplace, proprietary video ad server; connect via Deal ID, or help us help you: we can integrate with your existing monetization ecosystem in a plethora of ways. However you operate, we find the perfect way to connect our unique and premium buyers with your audience.

Megacast can represent all or some of your inventory exclusively, through revenue splits, or as a direct buyer at fixed price.


Megacast works with market leading trading desks, DSPs, exchanges, mediators and networks to introduce quality inventory through direct publisher relationships.

We efficiently deliver premium, programmatic supply against display and video campaigns. When you’re paying per eyeball, you want every view to have potential. Megacast’s operations team meticulously ensures that only inventory matching campaign criteria is delivered, providing the highest possible media efficiency.

Megacast integrates with several major exchanges, and networks in the market, as well as direct relationships with premium publishers, for an enormous, global reach profile. We can launch Private Marketplace and Deal ID campaigns with agencies or clients direct, or we can set up open marketplace buys for an expanded network reach.

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